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Developer Description

The PixelPost Promote Addon allows you to promote either your latest photos or some random photos on web pages/sites outside of the pixelpost framework.

PixelPost Promote Addon Directions

  1. Copy promote.php to your addons directory

  2. Put some javascript on the webpage you want to promote your pixelpost site on, such as:
    <script src="http://yoursitehere/index.php?z=promote&type=latest&total=6&showtitle=yes"></script>

    • type value can be 'latest' or 'random'
    • total value = how many photos you want to display
    • showtitle value will show the title and link to your blog
  3. The code output looks like this:

<div id="pixelpostpromote"> <div class="pixelposttitle"><a href="http://yoursitehere/">Your Site Title</a></div> <a href="http://yoursitehere/?showimage=8"><img src="http://yoursitehere/thumbnails/thumburl.jpg" border="0" alt=" "/></a> </div>

See a demo

Version History

1.5 - adds in default values - removes need for template file. URL for output changed. 1.1 - fixes issue with site names which include apostrophes

Older Versions

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  1. Mediocre 2
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    I cannot get this working m8 - and the demo page doesnt work for me either :( checked my flash and that seems fine - any advice would be great!

    Page is here: http://www.stephenprocter.co.uk/promote.html

  2. Good 4
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Hello Kevin. Tried to contact you directly but did not find any email :)

    By the way, is there any way to implement this addon using a Joomla site?, that is, I would like to promote my pixelpost latest images in my joomla site. Already tried to create a new module, pasting the script code, but nothing happens. You use Wordpress and it works perfect.

    Any idea? :) Thanks.

  3. Perfect 5
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    I like this addon very much. (my last comment was a mistake). I'm using it on my main webpage and my academic webpage as well.

    I changed this addon a little bit for my need to be able to show random full size images on other pages with controlable size.

    I changed it from line 27 as if ($_GET['fullsize']) { $sz = $_GET['fullsize']; $w = substr($sz,0,strrpos($sz,"-")); $h = substr($sz,strrpos($sz,"-")+1);

    $promote .= "document.write('<a href="" . $cfgrow['siteurl'] ."?showimage=" . $row['id'] . ""><img src="" . $cfgrow['siteurl'] . "images/" . $row['image'] ." " width="" .$w . "" height="" . $h . "" border="0" alt=" "/></a>');"; }else { $promote .= "document.write('<a href="" . $cfgrow['siteurl'] ."?showimage=" . $row['id'] . ""><img src="" . $cfgrow['siteurl'] . "/thumbnails/thumb_" . $row['image'] ." " border="0" alt=" "/></a>');"; }