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Pixelpost S3 v0.1β

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Developer Description

This pixelpost add-on enables you to upload your images directly to your amazon S3 account, along with its thumbnail. It is useful if you are using S3 to host your image files (better speed and scalability than most hosting solutions out there).

Some things to note:

  • this addon deals with only one thing: uploading to S3. It is up to you to update your template and rss to refer to the files on S3 as you see fit.
  • this doesn't do anything to the images uploaded on the regular pixelpost server. If you want to delete them, be careful that many links may still point to it, especially on the admin panel.
  • if you delete an image on pixelpost, it is *not* deleted on S3.

How to: copy class.s3.php and admin_s3.php to your addons folder. Open admin_s3.php in any text editor and replace the lines 50 to 53 with the values of, respectively, your amazon S3 access key, your secret key, the name of the bucket where you want the main image stored, and the name of the bucket for the thumbnail. Now just go enable S3 storage on the add-on panel and you should be good to go.
If for some reason the upload fails, it will say so on the top of the page.

Written by Alexandre Buisse and Benoit Boissinot. Mail to nattfodd@riseup.net for comments, bugs and feedback. And don't forget to visit Aperture First!

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