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Pixelpost2Twitter v1.0

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Developer Description

This addon send your posts to your Twitter account. Posts can be sent when uploaded (don't use this for future posts) or you can pick from any of your posts to send to Twitter.


  1. Put admin_pixelpost2twitter.php in your addons folder
  2. Go to the addons menu in the admin area - this will install the Twitter configuration table
  3. Go to the options menu and click on 'Twitter Options'
  4. Enter your Twitter email and password and click 'Configure'


  1. When posting a photo at the current time, click the 'Twitter this photo' checkbox - don't use this option for future posts
  2. or... Click on the 'Twitter this photo' link from the Images menu

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    I was wrong first. The link of twitter was broken because it had used the subdomain with the admin panel. Now, it became perfect. It's a wonderfull addon!

  2. Mediocre 2
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    it does not work here. empty page after press "twitter this photo".

  3. Good 4
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    It does the job great, only thing is it appears to post it twice in my Twitter and I'm not sure why. The first one always has no title and only posts the site itself and the second one posts with the title and is the link to the actual image.