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Hi folks,

I've made an addon for whom they want to post by emails. Works with Pixelpost version 1.4.x Version 1.0 @ 2005/07/20

Download http://www.pixelpost.org/v1/index.php?x=downloads&details=81 or http://www.pixelpost.org/index.php?x=downloads&details=81

Description - This addon will receive emails from a pop3 email account and addes the attachment image file to the photoblog and uses the subject as the post title and the content as the post content.

  • This is written to accept only one photo per email (one attachment). I did not test it on the other cases.

  • This is not compatible with unicode characters.

  • The first section of the code is extracted from wordpress pop3 email post feature under GNU license and extended to post jpg images in Pixelpost. The further development of the code came from Wordpress Plugin: Postie with reserving the credits.

Install 0) extract the zip file. it will create two directories (includes and addons) and a single file email_publish.php 1) add email_publish.php to the root directory of your photoblog ( you can rename it to what ever you want ) 2) create a new directory in the includes directory named: 'pop3classes' 3) copy all of the extracted files in the pop3classes directory of the addon into the pop3classes directory on your site. 3) add pop3_post.php to the addons directory (it's inside the addons folder of extracted files) 4) go to admin panel >> addons >> pop3_post addon and set the pop3 information of the specific email address. Take care to choose a secret address since every single email in this email address with jpeg attachment will be published on your phtoblog. 5) Then you need to set up email_publish.php to execute periodically to check the mailbox for new posts. You can do it with Cron-jobs, or if your host doesn't support it you can look into the various website-monitoring services, and make them check your email_publish.php URL.

if you are using cpanel open Cron-jobs >> Standard >> setup dates to check the pop3 mailbox and add this as the command wget http://www.example.com/email_publish.php

good luck

Ramin Mehran pblog.ramina.com 2005/07/20

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    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    This is a great add-on and I would give it 5 stars if it would not have a little quirk : you need to ensure NOT to have ANY RETURNS right before the attached photo or else the plugin will fail to post the photo (tested it on the iPhone and Mail).