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___________NEWS____________ So the addon doesn't display images in IE7, but it does work with Firefox. Thanks to Gehret for pointing this out.
I'm working on a fix for this but I'm glad it only affects IE. Anyways, I'm also working on a feature that lets you change the order of the images in your portfolio. My current ideas involve a very intuitive, dynamic UI and im quite excited about the results.

This addon allows you to organize your images into a portfolio! There are a few parts to the addon: The interface can be found as a tab in the admin menu. From within this menu, you can manage your portfolio. A separate addon contains tags that allow for a templated portfolio page. A list of these tags can be found in the readme file.

Also included is my Simple[2] template that has a portfolio page ready to go. This template should provide a good example of how to use the tags, though it is fairly obvious if one has experience with Pixelpost's tags.

Bear in mind that this is a beta release and I would greatly appreciate knowing about any bugs you may encounter.

Thanks again to the Pixelpost team for making such a great blog!

Feel free to visit my site, located at http://photo.linkportfolio.net/

Happy shooting!

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    Hi captain,

    IE 7 doesn't show pictures of your portfolio. Mozilla does so.

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    Looks like a great feature but it doesn't seem to show any images on your website?