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PPEndLoop v1.1

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Developer Description

PPEndLoop exists because the ImageCycle addon, though great, has one annoying feature: it "cycles" your images. When a visitor to your PixelPost photoblog reaches the first or last image, the "Next" or "Previous" link will wrap around to the other side, potentially confusing the user.

PPEndLoop, built on ImageCycle for my photoblog, puts an end to the "wrapping" behavior. Originally developed just for me, someone else wanted it, so here it is.

PPEndLoop will correctly provide a "Next" and "Previous" link when available, and when not, will provide the unlinked text. It can also provide a thumbnail, the image name, and the URL - for both next and previous images when available - and degrades gracefully when not by providing nothing (literally no text: "") or the default text (like "Next" or "No Previous Image") for each situation.

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