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Related Pictures v27

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Developer Description

This addon gives option of building related pictures list under image.
I.e. you were in zoo and shoot 3 pictures. Thanks to this addon you can "connect" each picture with the rest which is already published at your Pixelpost.

Live example you can find here http://blog.piotrgalas.com/photo/271/Too_fast_too_crazy/ or here.

WORK ONLY WITH Pixelpost 1.5 BETA1 or NEWER.

It uses tag: <RELATED_IMG>

In all my "fresh" addons there is always Paypal button thanks to which you can donate process of creating next releases of it. The amount of money doesnt matter - the most important for me is to see its worth to sleep less, to read about new technologies, to search new solutions and think about new ideas.

Installation: Just extract archive. After it go to addon page at admin side (at this moment there is SQL installation executed) and thats all. Have fun ;)

Author: Piotr 'GeoS' Galas

History 27:

  1. at first here it is - new method of version numbering as I'm currently using SVN in my development process
  2. fixed small bugs that was making problems with showing overlib and updated to new name of workspace used at admin panel
  3. new URL with live example

History 1.3.1 (available here):

  1. Fixed bug which gived option to watch images queued for future
  2. Now overlib effect is wider and thumbnails are centered

History 1.3 (available here):

  1. Added configuration variable for overlib on front side - now you can decide if you want to use overlib on front or not.
  2. Added configuration variable for Related Images list order - now you can choose between id, headline and datetime order (ascending or descending).
  3. Added configuration variable thanks for which you can decide if you want make relation in both directions - picture a is related with picture b and reverse or only picture a is related with picture b.
  4. All of this variables have predefined settings to start up without any problems.

History 1.2:

  1. Added usage of overlib on front side to make preview of related images thumbnails.
  2. Bugfix of the small problem of not displaying thumbnails with spaces in file names (admin_related.php).
  3. Bugfix of the small problem with displaying RELATED IMAGES text for non existing related images (thx spipasucci).

History 1.1:

  1. Bugfix of admin_related.php <FORM> path. Now it should save relations and all data without making it empty.

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    This is a really great addon, very useful to show more than one image to the visitor. I love it!