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Developer Description

ADDON: RSS Feed to links

This addon provides functionalities similar to the "Photoblogs.org Bookmarks feed" addon, the ability to generate a list of links from an RSS feed, but it has more features and options:

  • The addon supports multiple feed downloads. You can specify more than one feed and it will merge them together into a single link table. Most RSS feeds have a limited number of items, like delicious feeds which can only contain 41 links. Splitting your favorites photoblogs into several tags and downloading multiple feeds allow you have more than 31 favorite photoblogs if you use delicious to maintain your list of favorite photoblogs. I have close to 50 that I split into three delicious feeds.
  • It uses magpie (http://magpierss.sourceforge.net/) to download and parse the RSS feed(s). The advantages of using a well known RSS php reader like Magpie is that you get all the features it comes with: caching, support for RSS, RSS2 and most ATOM, etc...
  • The generated output is a table, not a list, and the number of columns is configurable. If you prefer lists, you can always use a one column table.
  • It can optionally sorts your links alphabetically, links inside the feed(s) do not have to be sorted.
  • I don't like to have to change anything in the code to have my addons working and I wrote this addon so that you should not have to change anything to have it working. The one and only template tag of this addon takes arguments so you specify the feed and other options along with the tag in your template rather than editing the addon file itself... For instance:

<RSSTOLINKS sFeedUrl="http://your.rss.feed" nCols="2">

Will get the links from the feed http://your.rss.feed and will generate a 2-column table of links.


<RSSTOLINKS sFeed="http://your.feed.url">

Mandatory parameter: sFeed: the feed URL to Poll. You can stecify more than one feed, use | (pipe) characters to delimit them. All feeds must start with "http://", you can use any characters except space, tab, quote, doublequote and |. Optional parameters: nCols="X" allows you to specify the number of columns of the generated table (default is 5) bSorted="true|false" makes the list sorted by name or not (default is false)

The following tag: <RSSTOLINKS sFeed="http://photoblogs.org/rss/user/sebatl/" nCols="3" bSorted="true"> will print the photoblogs.org links for user sebatl in a three-column sorted table. Keep in mind the double quotes are mandatory for all parameters, the order in which you specify them does not matter but EVERYTHING MUST BE IN THE SAME LINE. This won't work: <RSSTOLINKS nCols="2" bSorted="true" sFeed="http://del.icio.us/sebatl/photoblog-fave">

INSTALL: unzip the addon at your pixelpost main directory.

EXAMPLE: On the about page of my photoblog (http://www.windal.net/photoblog/index.php?x=about) at the bottom, you can see the result of:

<RSSTOLINKS nCols="6" bSorted="true" sFeed="http://del.icio.us/rss/sebatl/photoblog-fave1|http://del.icio.us/rss/sebatl/photoblog-fave2|http://del.icio.us/rss/sebatl/photoblog-fave3"> (in one line)


addons/RSSToLinks.php - the addon

includes/magpierss/rss_cache.inc - includes/magpierss/rss_fetch.inc - Magpie RSS. includes/magpierss/rss_parse.inc - see includes/magpierss/rss_utils.inc - http://magpierss.sourceforge.net/ includes/magpierss/extlib/Snoopu.class.inc - for more details

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    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Je note "horrible" , mais ne suis pas certain d'avoir correctement installer cet addon qui me semble vraiment tr bien...Si une personne dispose d'un tuto plus complet que ces explications, je suis preneur !iso(at)photoblographie.com - Merci