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Search Addon v1.0β

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Developer Description

Search Plugin for Pixelpost!

This Addon adds a search box to your Pixelpost plugin.
Note: At the moment only the title and the description fields will be searched! (additional fields & options planned)

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After installing the plugin (just copy the search.php file to your addons directory and activate the addon in your options) you have three new tags.



Insert that tag into your plugin to your template and you'll get a simple searchbox. After submitting the form the <SEARCH_RESULT>-tag must be in the same template as the <SEARCH_FORM>-tag.


Use this tag if you want to insert the searchbox on another page than you'll display the results. Notice: After submitting this form the addon looks for a "search_template.html" to display the results. If you have no search template you can't use this tag. I'll fix that in upcoming versions


This tag will display the results to your search.


You can use the tags in you standard templates, or you create an new template. I suggest to create a new "search_template.html" file where you just put your header, navigation the new tags & a footer. If you have no idea how to create a new template I'll suggest to copy the "about_template.html" file to "search_template.html" remove all the about stuff content and insert the new tags.

To link to the new template use the link: ?x=search

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