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Secret Image v1.0

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Developer Description

SECRET IMAGE ADDON reveals a "secret" image by a simple mouseover. You can use this addon for showing the raw image before processing or to show any other image instead.

Drop the admin_secret.php into addons folder.
Create two little grafic elements for the "secret" grafic (one for normal, one for highlight) and save them as .gif-files.
Upload new "secret" grafics in admin addons area

Use it:
Upload the secret image along when uploading a new image.
Edit the secret image in a submenu of image edit.

Adjustments: (optional)
Change the title of the secret grafic in admin_secret.php (line 2)
Switch off/on the JavaScript fade effect (line 3)
Change the values of the JavaScript fade effect (lines 4 and 5)

Prefix for secret image:
"o_" (Don't care about it unless you want to upload secret images with FTP.)

NEW TAGS (for use in image_template.html):
<ATTRIBUT_NAME> - Main image must have attribute "name" for the JavaScript working! To achieve this please please put this tag after <img src="images/<IMAGE_NAME>" !
Make it look like this (more or less):
<img src="images/<IMAGE_NAME>" alt="<IMAGE_TITLE>" width="<IMAGE_WIDTH>" height="<IMAGE_HEIGHT>" <ATTRIBUT_NAME> />
<SECRET_LINK> - The Secret grafic with mouseover, place it wherever you want it to show up in the image_template.html

No changes to database are made.

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Excellent addon for who wants to show images before the post process. Easy to install... Recommended!

  2. Perfect 5
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    This is a great little addition for the type of work I do. I am wondering if there is a way to reveal a secret image with different dimensions. In my case, the secret image would always be much smaller. Thanks.