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Slideshow Addon v1.0.4

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Developer Description

-Displays the images like a slideshow,shows images to you one by one automatically. -You can customize the image delay time. default is 3 seconds. -You can play or stop the slideshow at any time. -Supports play the slideshow in loop. -Supports Geos_show_category addon. Detects category id automatically(optional). -Preload 2 images(optional).

demo site

Installation: Copy slideshow.php to addons directory. <SLIDESHOW_META> - insert as a meta tag between and in image_template.html. <SLIDESHOW_PLAY_LINK> - the link to play or stop slideshow. <SLIDESHOW_PRELOAD_SCRIPTS> - a tag for preloading the next 2 images. suggest to insert it at the bottom of the webpage, for example, put it just before the tag </body> so that all things done before preloading the next 2 images.

1.0.4 changes: -preload the next 2 images after page completely loaded. -support GeoS_Show_Category addon.

1.0.3 changes: -an image, which datetime is after the current daytime, will not be displayed. -when goes to the first image posted and no loop, the link "Play slideshow" will be replaced with words "The end".

1.0.2 change: -one link acts as "play" and "stop" functions. Only one link! -improvement:click "play" directly goes to next image. in the past version,it first refreshes the current image before goes to the next image.

1.0.1 change: -you can now set the slideshow plays in loop automatically. if no loop,the slideshow will stop at the first image posted.

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    How and where can I customize the delay time and put on the loop ?