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Solo IT a.k.a. Lights Out! v0.2

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Developer Description

Solo IT

This addon allows you to "Solo Out" (aka Light out) your photos. If you click on the "Solo Out"-Text or Image (configurable) everything on your site turns black - except the photo itself! Click anywhere on your screen to return to your default state of your template.


  • Configure Addon

    • Open the file "soloIt.php" in any texteditor and look out for the configuration part.
    • Configure the variables to your needs and save the file.
  • Copy Files

    • Copy the file soloIt.php into your addons folder (active the addon in your admin interface).
    • Copy the includes folder to your root, so that the two files inside gets copied inside the includes directory
  • Adjust Template File

    • Place the tag <SOLO_IT> just before the closing HEAD Tag (</head>)
    • Place the tag <SOLO_IT_CLICK> anywhere in your code where you want the SoloIt Clickable area should appear.
      • this can be anywhere you want. E.g. as part of your menue, or next to the title tag.
      • there is also the possibility that you don't use that tag and put the id "soloIT" to any element on your page. eg. <img id="soloIT" .... />

Please read the install.txt for more details!


http://photoblog.flanisoft.at (the dark bulb image next to the image title)


22.06.2008 - Inital Release 06.07.2008 - Added a special file for the "Dark Matter" Template by Marco

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