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Developer Description

I saw a couple of postings saying that people were interested in replicating the Audioscrobbler on their site, and I didn't realise that there would be any interest in this addon, but I've written the addon to do exactly what you're after...I hope...

I use it on my page and I've got Audioscrobbler installed with an active account, and my photoblog about page reads the RSS feed from Audioscrobbler.

Example: http://photoblog.sharpfocusfilms.com/index.php?x=about

The plugin I've written just produces a list of the songs on one line and you style it as you want.

To make it work, you will have to make a manual change to the addon PHP to point it to your Audioscrobbler feed:

Change line 37 of addons/songs.php to the URL of your Audioscrobbler feed (you can get this from your account).

You should also create a directory called: rss_cache in your pixel_post directory.

You can download the addon from: http://photoblog.sharpfocusfilms.com/songs.zip

Unzip the file in your pixel_post directory, then add the to the page you want the songs to appear in.

There's a few subtleties to the script but I've tried to build in automatic defence against their servers going down and hanging the page you plug the addon in to.

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