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Tag Organizer v1.11

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Developer Description

The brand new Tag Organizer makes it easier to organize your tags. It creates a new Admin menu "Tag-Organizer".

From here you can edit your tags without selecting an image by simply renaming or removing a tag. You can even assign all images with one tag to another by renaming it to an existent tag name.
If you use an alternative language in your blog, you can easily tag all images assigned to a tag in one language with a tag in the alternative language and vice versa.

Furthermore you can organize all tags in both languages for each single photo.
You have better filter options including a search for a list of IDs and a selection on non-tagged images.
The number of photos per page is fixed to 5 otherwise the page loading time may extend your patience. After organizing tags for a photo you are taken back to the place you were before so you can easily continue with tagging.


Drop the tag-organizer.php into addons folder.

Use it

Go to the new Admin panel menu "Tag-Organizer" and start tagging.


There are two ways of showing your taglist per image: default is the "zebra" style, where the tags are displayed in a structured and coloured table.
If you prefer faster page loading and can live with an unstructured crowd of tags, look out for the line $zebra = '1' (55) and set this to $zebra = '0'.

No template tags and no changes to database.

Version History

v1.11 2007-11-29
[bugfix] Alternative Language naming corrected for all cases I hope (thanks to GeoS for pointing out)

[bugfix] Link to Tag Organizer in Images List now jumps to the actual image in Set Tags Submenu (if page is selected) and keeps the filtering options
Updated Version Check

New zebra style for showing the tags (optional)


Older Versions

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Brilliant addin :)

    I was delving into my SQL to this before, now I can just click and its done :) www.stephenprocter.co.uk

  2. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    excellet... perfect ! this addon is a must for the ones who like to tag like me.

  3. Mediocre 2
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Not sure whether it's my system or the addon, but it simply eats special character. For a supposed multilingual tool, it's kind of counter-productive. In English, it is worth a 5 but in any other language (I'm using German and French letters) it is useless. :(