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Developer Description

Displays the latest or a random set of images posted on your PixelPost Photoblog.

Add thumbs.php to your addon's folder and enable.
Then simply add anywhere you want thumbnails of your pictures.

total = 0-9 (May not even be a limit on what number.) : This tell the script how many thumbnails will be displayed.
type = latest/random : If latest is selected the latest images added to pixelpost will be displayed (currently in date order), If random is selected a random selection is chosen.
ordertype = ID/ppsort/datetime : If ID is selected images are ordered by the ID number, if ppsort is selected then the default sorting order is selected and if datetime is selected then its sorted by date and time which is set in the SQL record. (Only works when type is set to latest)
showsitetitle = Yes/No : This will display the sites title above the images.


The above template tag will display 6 random images from your Pixelpost photo blog.
Added ability to change the way the images are ordered. The options are Pixelpost's default order, by date and time set on the image or by the pictures ID.

Changed latest sort mode to use time instead of ID.

Added default values so user does not have to define any.
Added ability to customize how many thumbnails can be displayed.
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