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Typepad import plugin v0.8

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Developer Description

This addon will import the exported file from a typepad blog.

Since typepad isn't a dedicated photoblog, you can add an XPATH expression to filter out your body content of your post. Meaning if you want the contents of all <p> you can write //p and the addon will filter the remaning content in the body away. This requires your export file is well formed and contains well formed HTML. It took me a couple of hours work to get my own export file up to standards.

Adding &errors in the end of the plugin URL, helped a great deal in finding the errors of the export file. Otherwise any XML editor will surely also help you. The plugin displays each post in a list so you can make sure everything is just right before checking the "persist to database" checkbox. Then it displays AND saves everything to your database.

Images will have to be added after the successful import. This involves croping and uploading.

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