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zWatermark Admin Addon v0.51β

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Developer Description

This admin addon enables you to add watermarks to your images. The defaults can be set under Options/Watermark, and individual settings can be tuned in the New Image and Images/Edit Post menus.


  • Globally enable/disable watermarks (for future images)
  • SET a DEFAULT watermark image
  • UPLOAD multiple watermark images
  • SET DEFAULT watermark properties (top or bottom, left or right, vertical margin, horizontal margin)
  • ADD/REMOVE watermark to/from any image
  • SET and re-set watermark POSITION for any image
  • REPLACE a watermark on any image
  • ADD the default watermark to ALL images in one go
  • ADD the default watermark to ALL NON-WATERMARKED images in one go
  • REMOVE all watermarks from ALL images in one go

WARNING! This addon alters your PP database structure! Make sure you have a recent backup before proceeding!

Note: Make sure you read the attached addons/_zwatermark/docs/README-0.50beta.txt before installing!

**Note: 0.51 beta has one error (relating to reuploaded images) corrected over 0.50 beta. (Thanks to Steve.) Internally the old version number is referenced. Don't be confused.

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Nice app - Thanks very much :)

    Would be nice if you could tuen off the dual selection as my GIFS with transparencies look messy :(

    Other than that, it's awesome!

  2. Good 4
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    my 1. former posting: sorryly it doesn't work allready: the plugin is installed, the watermark image is uploaded, the plugin says it's ready to watermark new images! but when i try to upload a new image, there comes a "echo" from the script / database: "Updating table pixelpost failed! Error: Unknown column 'zw_id' in 'field list'" i do know too little of php, but i really wonder about this! how this could happen? Any one any idea? thx

    my 2. former posting: OK! problem solved! :-) when i did read my last posting once again, i found that there is already written the reason respectively the solution! ("... "Updating table pixelpost failed! Error: Unknown column 'zw_id' in 'field list'...) It is thecircumstance, that there is no table pixelpost - my very own pixelpost-tables did get an extra prefix (xyz_ pixelpost) and in this case the installing resp. the altering of just this one meant table couldn't be done the right way! The script did have has looked for a table named "pixelpost", but that wasn't there! But i do wonder a little why the script didn't gave an error-message after installing itself. cause it wasn't able to work already!

    in this case i do think now, there is a little lack in the concept of the plugin, resp. the admin_zwatermark.php.

    But - it is a "beta", i know. ;-) Hope i've should have given a little help and will say thanks at all for this good work!

    1. at last my addendum: i did solve the problem by adding the 5 necessary columns into the table xyz_pixelpost by hand! so it could work right now.

    ps: why the first postings did get errased here? what kind of a technical solution or restrictment this should be? ...;-(

  3. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Thanks a lot ! It works 100%, also with png-24.