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Media RSS for PicLens with all blogged photos v0.5β

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Developer Description

This Mod converts the Pixelpost RSS feed to a VALID Media RSS feed, compatible with PicLens. It contains all photos of your website!

To enable your Pixelpost installation using Media RSS feeds you have to modify the functions_feeds.php in the includes directory. Media RSS allows to define a XML slang for example for PicLens (Firefox Plugin).

Each RSS-Item requires for images two aditional entries:

Installation Instructions:

This Download contains an updated includes/functions_feeds.php file. Please Backup your old version by renaming and upload this one. Also PicLens and others should find a valid feed and display you pictures in fullscreen mode. 1. Rename you current includes/functions_feeds.php to functions_feeds_BACKUP.php 2. Extract the the file from the download 3. Upload it to your Pixelpost installation in includes/functions_feeds.php

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