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alipixel v1.0

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Developer Description

Pixelpost Template for The alipixel


  1. Simple, white interface.
  2. Loading gif animation displayed while image loads, then image gracefully fades in
  3. Simple contact form.


  1. Copy addons/paged_archive.php to the addons/ directory in your pixelpost installation. (be sure to backup your original one)
  2. Activate Paged Archive addon in Pixelpost ADMIN page (In the Addons Section)
  3. Copy the alipixel folder in your templates directory in the Pixelpost installation.
  4. Choose theworldin35mm template in options menu in the Pixelpost ADMIN pages.
  5. enter your mail address line 57 in the sendeail.php file.


  1. ajax rating
  2. rgm histograme
  3. google map
  4. slide show
  5. and more.. (please see my site: alipixel.com)


Template based originally off the treerizon template from Treeswing by Sean McKendall

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