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BlackJack v1.2

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Developer Description

'BlackJack' is a template designed for PixelPost. It has been tested with PixelPost 1.7.1 and should work with all previous versions.
No additional addons are required for its use.

Demo: http://oculus.farfromreal.com/blackjack

1. Unzip the files to your computer

2. Upload the 'BlackJack' folder to the /templates/ directory of your pixelpost installation.

3. In you site administration, select 'Options' > 'Template', and choose 'BlackJack' from the
'Switch Template' drop-down menu.

4. Press the 'Update' button and the template will be applied to your pixelpost site.

/*-- SETTINGS --*/
For best use of this template, the following settings are suggested:
- Default addons enabled: Advanced stats, Page-By-Page-Archive
- Thumbnail size = 50px x 50px

All I ask is that template copyright attribution is appropriatly displayed on your website.

/*-- ChangeLog --*/
1.0 - Initial release.
1.1 - Fixed folder structure.
1.2 - Added commenting

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  1. Good 4
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    I really like this template. It's very clean, yet informative to the viewer. My only concern is the comment section. I see that there's a place for comments but I am unable to click on it. Could you help me out?



  2. Good 4
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    I have downloaded this nice template, but I found a strange thing. my images are about 800px * 600px so the left part of the image disappers from the screen. I use 1280*1024 px resolution so there should be enough screen space to show the whole image with the details on the right. I don't know why, but maybe just some margin thing :) Could You check this? oh btw I use Firefox :) Thanks