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Braeburn v1.0

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Developer Description

Braeburn is a bright, clean and functional template using small icons for navigation. It also uses some JavaScript to show/hide the comments (and image notes, if you want). Designed for images up to 700 pixel width. HTML source is commented to make changes easier.
I only tested this for PP v 1.7.1, but it may also work with other versions, too.
You'll need the page-by-page archive addon (already available in standard pixelpost installation, just activate it in admin panel). The archive uses a tagcloud to display the tags.
If any error comes across please let me know at the braeburn forum thread.
//update: the thumbnail problem in the archive should be fixed now.

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Overall, a very clean and functional theme. This theme gives off a very clean and simple look, yet provides a lot of functionalities under the hood. All the elements and information are well organized. The only minus is a visitor cannot easily navigate forward (only backwards) and the subtitle is not used or shown.

    I was able to tweak the theme to my preferences without major problems. Overall, this is my theme of choice.