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Light White v2.1.4

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Developer Description

Following up on the apparent popularity of the original light white template for pixelpost I set out to improve on the original. The main complaints from the template's users were based around W3C compliancy (all that valid html etc! the boring bit of web design...) and around the limitations involved in image widths.

2.1 updates: - included background image (forgotten in 2.0 ... sorry!) - very improved header outline which will blow away search engines ;)

2.1.1 fix: - wrapper width statement lost resulting in overlapping images when larger than 750px. whoops! how embarassing.. anybody using large images please update your template with the new download.

2.1.2 fix: - i can't believe i missed the min-width on the wrapper this time round! ok. everything is perfect now! Please update with new file.

2.1.3: - smoothed out a couple more bugs surrounding the min-width. sorry for the hassle! please upgrade.

2.1.4: - replaced static permalink date with tag.

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Great job with this template...clear and simple. Is planned a new version in the future?