Authentic Photoblog Flavour

Martius v1.5

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Developer Description

****** NOTE ****** Make a backup of your existing PixelPost environment before applying this template. ****** NOTE ******

This template is recommended with PixelPost version 1.5. ENJOY!!!

Simple, easy to use template. Suggestions are always welcome. If you find a bug, please let me know! martius 18 at gmail dot com

All files/folders should be placed in the root, replacing existing files. After this the template can be choosen in the admin and should be active.

If you apply this template, could you mail me your url? (martius 18 at gmail dot com)

Change log:

1.5 - Implemented Akismet1.1 anti-spam - Removed ADVNCD_SITE_VISITORNUMBER (because this number was being f*&^-up by SPAM!!!) - Fine-tuned the navigation - Adjusted the "Thank you for your comment" section

1.4.1 - Fixed a small bug. Removed something(?!? can't remember what) from line 56 in the image_template.html.

1.0 - 1.4 - A lot of changes. Sorry, no records saved what I did!!!

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