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Mindseyepix Template With Photoshop Effect v2.0

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Developer Description

UPDATE: I have also included the files and instructions for applying the "painted" edge photo effect seen on my website.

Looking for a Clean, Crisp Template? MindsEyePix Is Right For You!

This template consists of a simple, but elegant main image page, an archive (browser), "about" page, and comments form. It's a really simple, but classy design. It also includes instructions for applying the "painted" edge effect to your images.

You can see it in action at my site http://www.mindseyepix.com

Version History:

1.0 Original submission 1.1 Updated with validated css and html 2.0 Added instructions and files needed to create the "painted" edge effect.

contact me at dave at mindseyepix dot com.

Regards, Dave @ MindsEyePix

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