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Pixelfy v2.0

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Developer Description

Very clean and simple layout that let's your photograph speek for it self. It wraps around both big and small images... Link to my site has to stay in the footer...

Features in Version 2.0

  • Image details/description are displayed below the image title
  • Comments and ExIF data shows in a transparent layer
  • Works now even when visitor has JavaScripts deactivated
  • Cross-browser
  • Images fade in when page loads
  • Some SEO req. meta and titles
  • Valid XHTML Strict
  • Valid CSS
  • Unobtrusive Javascript (jQuery)
  • Wraps nicely around images, regardless of the image size

See it in action



Just upload into the "theme" directory and activate it in the admin panel. In case you want to change the logo and you probably do, just replace the logo.png in the directory /templates/pixelfy/images/.

If you have suggestions for future versions or questions, feel free to message me. Please don't forget to leave my link in the footer.

That's pretty much it... :)
Have fun!

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Installed this today and liked it dark and simple how I like them, one thing I feel that it needs is the ability to hide the Photo descriptions without the description it looks better, apart from that well done.