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Developer Description

Ra is a colourful, but sophisticated template by Scarabaeus. It has different brightly coloured headings on a white background and a seperate comments popup. All addons you need are included in the download and you will need to use the paged archive addon (in the original pixelpost download). Also I would like it if you kept the link in the footers though I respect others website design. I have tested this in over 30 different browsers and after a long time I think it should work perfectly. If you do encounter and problems post them here and I'll make sure I get back to you and try to help. I would really appreciate any reviews of the template good or bad, to help me improve it.

I would recommend images to be roughly 800px across (landscape), 500px (portrait) at max and thumbnails can be any size.

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(Latest) v1.0: Original release.

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