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Simpler Dark v0.2

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Developer Description

I had a need for a really simple dark theme. This is the Pixelpost default simple, made simpler, eh and darker.
For a demo
A zip is also posted here

Update 0.2
Changes to the "Browse" page, the thumbnails and the Select box got some new css.

..and it works in ie, just tried it and it works fine for me!

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    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Go this working on IE 7 & 8RC1 and FF3

    I would like it though if the comments box was NOT a pop up window as this causes some issues - is it easy to make it so the comments and possible EXIT data are displayed on the same page when users click it? (there is a few other templates that do this and it is much better)

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    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    doesn't work on IE... :(