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SmokeScreen Gray v1β

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Developer Description

SmokeScreen Gray is super clean. It's job is to make you the Photographer look good! It has the comment form right on the page so there's no jumping. This helps ensure less clicks for visitors and helps you get more comments. I based this template off of the first smokescreen template I created. It uses some of the default pixelpost 1.7 template. I'm not by any means an incredible coder. I simply play with it until I get the result I think looks nice. Feedback is always appreciated.

*Tweaked the image.html title tag. (4-29-08)

*I updated a minor js naming oversight pointed out by KevinCrafts

*Cleaned up some code I had inadvertently left in there.

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    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    This theme is my fave BUT with the comments boxes on in IE 7 & 8 (only tested them 2) the text is white on white.

    Firefox shows it perfectly

    Other than that, this is a lovely clean template

    Thanks m8, but would love a fix!!