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SmokeScreen Template v1β

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Developer Description

SmokeScreen is meant to showcase and emphasize your artwork. Its a minimalist dark based theme. I based it off of the simple template and so it is clean. One cool aspect of SmokeScreen is how the comments are shown on the bottom of the page as well as the comment form. This is my first attempt at a theme and it took me some time so I appreciate any link back to my site for recognition. I am by no means an incredible coder so any helpful suggestions to problems occurred are greatly appreciated, although I don't anticipate any problems. I tested it on explorer, firefox, and safari browers and everything looks good.


I tweaked the Title tags so if you see that the title tags were not correct on the older version, download this newer version.

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  1. Good 4
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Same isssue as with Smokescren Grey

    In Ie 7 & 8 white text on white backgound on comments forms :(

    Please offer a fix m8 as I love these 2 themes