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Suffocate v2.0

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SCRIPTS USED: - ImageFader (by Richard Rutter http://clagnut.com/sandbox/imagefades), because IE has issues with opacities and can leave an image with a undesirable speckled effect i modified it so the fade script will only trigger with non IE browsers. it will just load normally in IE. - BoxOver (from http://boxover.swazz.org/). this was slightly modified for the look i wanted and so it wouldn't conflict with the imagefader script

NOTES: - this template is specifically designed for photos with a width of 700px and thumbnails sized 60px x 60px. it works with photos that have a width smaller then 700px but there will just be some extra white space to the left and right side of the photo. if you want to use larger photos then feel free to modify the template but there will be a lot to modify to keep everything uniform. - i put in a generic logo sized 200px x 42px, if you want to change that just create a new logo sized at 200x42, save it as header-logo.gif and drop it in the images folder inside the suffocate folder. - both xhtml and css valid - tested in both pixelpost version 1.5 and 1.6

you can see what it looks like here: http://dev.johngrayson.com (this is just a demo site so don't leave real comments ) you can see a slightly customized/modified version of the template on my actual photoblog here: http://suffocate.us

if you have any questions or run into any problems please post them in this thread: http://www.pixelpost.org/forum/showthread.php?t=6507

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    Switched from Delicious to Suffocate recently. It's simple to modify and looks great! The only downfall is the 700 pixel width, but that's easy to overcome... See it here: Pfeif's Eye