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Visible Template v1.0

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Version 1.0 Notes:

(0) copy these files into the templates folder of your photoblog - about_template.html - browse_template.html - comment_template.html - image_template.html - logo.png - style.css

(1) copy the required addons from addons folder to your pixelpost photoblog addons folder.

(2) This template uses rating addon. To function, copy img folder to the root of your photoblog. Read rating addon instructions if you faced any problem with this step.

(3) you may change the logo in photoshop. the psd file is included. Save it as a png file after change!

(4) you may change the keywords and description of the photoblog inside the image_template.html as you like.

(5) This template is validated only on the main page. the about page, comments, and browse page may have validation problems. They will be corrected in next versions

(6) the photoblink addon is used in this template. to make it work completely for you should have Overlib library. If you do not have that copy overlib directory to the main path of your photoblog

(7) if you want to show the 35mm equivalent focal of your camera open the 35mm-eq.php addon inside the addons folder and set the multiplier used to convert to 35 mm equivalent scale for your camera. Then, change line 105 of image_template.html from

to 35mm-eq:

Good luck Ramin Mehran www.raminia.com

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